Sep 7, 2022

Smoothie King Adds New Espresso Option for Smoothies

Smoothie King adds to your coffee choices for their smoothies with the launch of a "proprietary" espresso. With the new option, you can now choose to add espresso or cold brew coffee to any smoothie on the menu.

Espresso adds 159mg of caffeine per 20-oz smoothie, while cold brew adds 83mg of caffeine.

With the move, Smoothie King aims to better compete with other coffee vendors by providing a "better-for-you" blended coffee product (i.e. a healthier alternative to a Frappuccino or other ice blended coffee drink).

To promote the launch of espresso, Smoothie King is offering any 20-oz espresso- or cold brew-blended smoothie for $5 before 11 AM for a limited time at participating locations.

Photo via Smoothie King.

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