Sep 2, 2022

Trolli Debuts New Collectible Halo Infinite Packs

Trolli partners with Halo Infinite to debut the new, collectible Halo Infinite packs of gummy candies, which take four standard Trolli gummy candy varieties and gives them limited-edition, collectible packaging featuring Halo Infinite characters.

You can find the Halo Infinite treatment on the following packs for a limited time:

- Original Sour Brite Crawlers
- Very Berry Sour Brite Crawlers
- Sour Gummi Creations Martian Mix
- Sour Bursting Crawlers

Additionally, the collectible Halo Infinite packs will offer prizes of in-game content rewards. They're also running a sweepstakes with five Halo-themed prize packages that include a custom Trolli Lovesac, Corsair and Elgato PC gear, an Xbox Series S console, a custom, new, worm-themed Trolli Xbox controller and Trolli Halo Infinite collectable packs.

Photo via Trolli.

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