Oct 14, 2022

A Look at the Paqui 2022 One Chip Challenge

Paqui's 2022 One Chip Challenge consists of a single blue corn tortilla chip made with two of the hottest peppers today: the Carolina Reaper pepper and Scorpion pepper.

A coffin-shaped box containing one chip, latex gloves for handling the chips, and a coupon good for any bag of Paqui chips (of up to $5.99 in value) costs $8.99 but I received this courtesy of Paqui.

The chip comes in its own sealed packet inside of the box and is about the size of a quarter of a corn tortilla (although mine was broken out of its packet). It's black with a slight blue hue. There's blue food coloring added to it so that you have proof that you ate it.

To be clear, I did not eat the chip because my stomach and other digestive parts would not be too happy with me for it and, while I like spicy heat with other flavors, I'm not much for eating food just for the heat. I did however bring the chip to a family BBQ to see if anyone was wanting/willing to try it. I had a couple of takers to eat a small piece of the chip, including my brother, who immediately starting drinking milk and eating an ice cream bar to stave off the heat.

Another attendee had tried previous versions of the One Chip Challenge and didn't bat an eye upon breaking off a piece of the chip and eating it. He said that it was definitely spicier than previous versions.

My nephew tried a bit and mentioned that it tasted like pain. There isn't any seasoning to the chip beyond the chili peppers.

Nutritional Info - Paqui 2022 One Chip Challenge
Serving Size - 1 chip (6g)
Calories - 25 (from Fat - 10)
Fat - 1g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 25mg
Carbs - 5g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 0g

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