Oct 11, 2022

Pumpkin Pancakes Back at Denny's for Fall 2022

Pumpkin Pancakes are back for a limited time at Denny's for fall 2022 and come in two varieties: regular Pumpkin Pancakes and So Pumped-Kin Pancakes.

Denny's regular Pumpkin Pancakes are buttermilk pancakes made with pumpkin pie filling in the batter.

So Pumped-Kin Pancakes are Pumpkin Pancakes with glazed pecans and white chocolate chips thrown in before cooking, topped with a pecan pie sauce. It's basically last year's Pecan Pumpkin Pancakes with white chocolate chips.

Both seasonal pancakes can be ordered in stacks of two or as part of a pancake breakfast plate (which also includes eggs, hash browns, and bacon strips or sausage links).

Photo via Denny's.