Oct 23, 2022

Domino's Bakes New Pokemon Poke Ball Pizza in South Korea for Halloween 2022

Domino's bakes the new Pokemon Poke Ball Pizza over in South Korea as a limited-time, Halloween-themed pizza that is available through October 31, 2022.

Domino's Pokemon Poke Ball Pizza features a large original, Neapolitan, or thin crust pizza topped with pizza sauce one side and truffle cream sauce on the other. It's then topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted cherry tomatoes, dollops of ricotta, and beef bulgogi to create a Poke Ball design.

The pepperoni and cherry tomatoes help delineate the top (red) half, while ricotta is used for the white button and bottom (white) half of the poke ball.

Finally, the bulgogi is used to outline the hinge opening and button of the poke ball.

The Pokemon Poke Ball Pizza comes in a special Halloween- and Pokemon-themed box and each purchase includes Pokemon Halloween hologram art, while supplies last.

The pizza is priced at 19900 won (~$13.92 US).

Photo via Domino's South Korea.

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