Oct 18, 2022

Little Caesars Offers New Call of Duty Combo for $7.99

Little Caesars partners with Mountain Dew to offer the new, limited-time Call of Duty Combo, which includes a large Slices-N-Stix pizza, Crazy Sauce, and a 20-oz bottle of Mtn Dew for $7.99 at participating locations nationwide.

The Slices-N-Stix pizza features a classic pepperoni pizza on one half and Italian Cheese Bread on the other half, which amounts to four slices of pepperoni pizza and eight sticks of Italian Cheese Bread. It normally comes with Crazy Sauce and typically costs $6.99 (may vary with location).

As part of the promotion, Little Caesars offers unique codes to unlock Dual 2XP and in-game rewards for the recently-released video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II as well as a chance to win prizes, such as a custom PlayStation 5s, wireless controllers, and more.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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