Oct 24, 2022

McRib Returns October 31, 2022 with "Farewell Tour"

The McRib returns to McDonald's for a limited time starting October 31, 2022 at participating locations nationwide and will be going on a "farewell tour" that the chain is teasing "could be your last chance to get it."

The McRib has graced the McDonald's menu with an annual national return for the last three years and, while McDonald's is throwing it a farewell tour, it seems more likely that it'll go back to making more selective yearly returns in certain regions/locations in the near term.

As part of the McRib Farewell Tour, McDonald's will be offering limited-edition, custom McRib merchandise for purchase starting November 4, 2022 at the chain's online merch store.

McDonald's McRib features a boneless, mini-rack-of-ribs-shaped pork patty slathered with BBQ sauce and served with pickles and slivered onions on a toasted, cornmeal-dusted roll. It typically returns to the McDonald's menu annually in the fall.

Photo via McDonald's.

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