Oct 25, 2022

Entenmann's Releases New Cake Truffles

Entenmann's releases new Cake Truffles as the latest addition to their line of baked goods.

Entenmann's Cake Truffles come in two varieties at launch: Chocolate Delight and Cookies & Creme.

Both feature bite-sized cakes covered in a smooth chocolaty coating.

Chocolate Delight Cake Truffles consist of chocolate cake truffles with a chocolaty coating as well as as chocolaty drizzle.

Cookies & Creme Cake Truffles offer chocolate cake truffles with white chocolate morsels, covered in a layer of chocolaty coating and a chocolaty drizzle.

You can find Entenmann's Cake Truffles in boxes of four individually-wrapped trays (two truffles per tray) now at select retailers.

Photo via Entenmann's.

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