Oct 31, 2022

Review: Hostess - Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs Bouncers

Hostess Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs Bouncers feature bite-sized, chocolate mini cakes with creme filling covered in a chocolate glaze.

An 8.2-oz box costs about $4.49 but I received this courtesy of Hostess.

While the picture on the box shows the bouncers with a light brown glaze on them, out of the pouch, the glaze/icing was the same dark chocolaty color as a regular Ding Dong with that just-slightly-hardened, yielding waxy texture to it.

The first thing that struck me upon biting into a Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs Bouncer was that it was very sweet--more so than the other either Twinkies or Cinnamon Donette varieties. Maybe they're called, "Bouncers," because they're meant to have you bouncing off the walls with a sugar rush? Interestingly, these actually contain less sugar than the other two varieties.

Underneath the sweetness was a slightly bitter chocolaty note throughout in a reasonably dense cake. With the colder weather, the creme filling was a little bit thicker than usual and added an extra bit of sweetness and a mild creaminess.

Taken altogether, Hostess Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs Bouncer offer the same general experience as a regular Ding Dongs snack cake, which is to say it's a decent sweet and chocolaty mini cake. The only difference is that it's a smaller round ball of cake rather than a puck.

Nutritional Info - Hostess Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs Bouncers
Serving Size - 3 pieces (47g)
Calories - 160 (from Fat - 30)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 220mg
Carbs - 28g (Sugar - 18g)
Protein - 1g

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