Oct 11, 2022

Jelly Belly Adds New Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy and More

With the 2022 holiday season coming up, Jelly Belly expands their selection of Harry Potter-themed offerings with the permanent addition of Butterbeer Chewy Candy and more.

Here are the newest additions to Jelly Belly's Harry Potter products:

- Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy - Butterbeer-flavored chewy candy in the shape of a Butterbeer glass mug.

- Harry Potter Butterbeer Milk Chocolate Bar - A milk chocolate candy bar with a smooth and creamy Butterbeer-flavored filling. The bar itself is embossed with barrel shapes on each of the its six squares.

- Harry Potter Butterbeer Barrel Tin - A barrel-shaped tin filled with the Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy.

- Harry Potter Butterbeer Glass Mug - A glass mug decorated with the metal crests of all four Hogwarts Houses. It comes filled with Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy and includes a collectible Butterbeer coaster.

- Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser - A jelly-bean dispenser inspired by the house points counter in the Harry Potter films. The manual candy dispenser features an hourglass shape, sound, and a Sorting Hat voiceover. When you press the button, the Sorting Hat will tell you which Hogwarts House you belong to and the dispenser will release a Jelly Belly candy with a flavor for the appropriate house:  green apple for Slytherin, lemon for Hufflepuff, cherry for Gryffindor, and blueberry for Ravenclaw. 

Photo via Jelly Belly.

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