Oct 27, 2022

Domino's Serves Up Halloween Double Roulette Pizzas in Japan

Domino's doubles up on their Halloween Roulette option in Japan for the spooky holiday this year. The limited-time, free option allows you to pick the Halloween Double Roulette option, which has them secretly add "super spicy jolokia sauce" randomly to two slices of your pizza.

The concept is that no one knows which slices contain the hot sauce so that everyone should eat a slice at the same time and try their luck at avoiding (or getting?) the extra-spicy slices. Furthermore, Domino's Japan suggests trying to hold in any signs of discomfort if you happen to get a spicy slice so that you can make a game out of guessing who ate the spicy slices.

The bhut jolokia pepper is also known as the ghost pepper.

Domino's happens to sell shakes over in Japan so Halloween Double Roulette participants have easy access to something to help cool off.

Photo via Domino's Japan.

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