Nov 5, 2022

New Eggo Stranger Things Hawkins Homestyle Waffles Arrive at Walmart

Eggo partners with 'Stranger Things' to celebrate Stranger Things Day on November 6, 2022 with the release of new Eggo Stranger Things Hawkins Homestyle Waffles, which are regular Eggo waffles but in a limited-edition, 'Stranger Things'-inspired container.

In 'Stranger Things,' November 6 is notable because it marks the first time, Will Byers went missing in Hawkins, Indiana, in 1983. As for Eggo waffles, the character Eleven is known for being obsessed with them and Chief Hopper has a recipe for them--the Triple Decker Extravaganza--which is included on each limited-edition box.

You can find the 'Stranger Things'-themed, 24-pack box of Eggo Waffles boxes, for $6.79 each, exclusively at Walmart for a limited time in the freezer aisle.

Photo via Eggo.

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