Jan 5, 2023

Jack in the Box Pours New Red Bull Infusions

Jack in the Box adds new Red Bull Infusions as a caffeinated alternative to coffee to kick off 2023.

Available for a limited time, the iced beverages come in two varieties: Strawberry Red Daze (pictured) and Berry Purple Daze.

Strawberry Red Daze features Red Bull Energy infused with strawberry flavor and Berry Purple Daze features Red Bull Energy infused with mixed berry flavors.

Prices vary but the drinks cost $4.99 near me.

While the Red Bull Infusions are available, you can also purchase cans of Red Bull Energy and Red Bull Energy Sugar Free at Jack in the Box. They're $2.99 a can in my area (may vary).

Apparently, the name "Red Bull Infusions" is also used by a number of coffee chains and convenience store chains for similar beverages.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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