Jan 2, 2023

Popeyes Brings Back Ghost Pepper Wings

Popeyes brings back Ghost Pepper Wings for a limited time to start off 2023. You can get get six Ghost Pepper Wings for $5 when ordering online through the Popeyes website or mobile app for pick-up.

Popeyes' Ghost Pepper Wings feature wing segments marinated in a ghost pepper blend for at least 12 hours before being battered, breaded, and deep-fried. They come with your choice of dipping sauce. You can get them in 6-, 12-, and 24-piece orders.

Popeyes also offers a limited-time deal where rewards members can get 200 bonus points (enough for a free Cinnamon Apple Pie, regular Cajun fries, or regular mashed potatoes) when they order Ghost Pepper Wings.

You can expect to find Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeyes, which does not regularly offer wing segments, for a limited time through February 12, 2023.

Photo via Popeyes.

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