Aug 25, 2023

Domino's Australia Introduces New Pizza with 15 Toppings for ~$7.86

Domino's Australia's The Lot pizza.
Domino's Australia introduces "The Lot," a pizza with 15 toppings for $12 AUS (~$7.86 US) carryout as part of the More Range. Additionally, during its first week of sales (the week of August 14th), Domino's was giving away The Lot Pizza for free if you could recite from memory the little rhyme they came up to promote the pizza.

The Lot rhyme goes as follows:

"We start with the base, then comes the sauce,

capsicum, onion and pineapple of course.

Next comes beef, sausage and ham;

chicken, bacon, pepperoni, DAMN!

Cheese, chilli, and olives, it’s getting hot,

Add oregano and garlic butter - that's The Lot."

According to Domino's Australia, The Lot is their most topped pizza yet and comes topped with ground beef, back bacon, bell peppers, pepperoni, Italian sausage, chicken, smoked leg ham, pineapple, onions, olives, oregano, chili pepper flakes, and a drizzle of garlic butter (Ed note: I count 13 toppings so it looks like they're including sauce and cheese as part of the count).

The More Range also includes a number of new menu items, including the 4 Cheese Pizza, Butter Chicken Pizza, Capriciosa Pizza, Spicy Lovers Pizza, Spicy Spinach and Feta Pizza, The Lot Pasta, and Buffalo Chicken & Bacon Pasta.

Photo via Domino's Australia.

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