Aug 11, 2023

Torani Launches New Sweet Heat Syrup

Torani Sweet Heat Syrup.
Torani launches new Sweet Heat Syrup as the latest addition to their line-up of over 150 syrups and sauces.

Torani Sweet Heat Syrup is described by the brand as offering a "spicy heat" without "any of the vegetal notes typically produced by chili peppers." It's meant to have a "slow build of heat that isn’t overpowering, but rather adds a depth of flavor and bright piquancy to beverages." As with the rest of Torani Original Syrups, it's made with "only natural flavors and pure cane sugar."

According to Torani, their flavor innovation team worked for over a year on the new flavor.

You can find Torani Sweet Heat Syrup in 750mL bottles for $10.59 at the Torani online store.

Photo via Torani.

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