Aug 17, 2023

KFC Celebrates 50 Years in Malaysia with a Spicy Ramen Double Down

KFC Samyang Buldak Spicy Ramen Double Down.
KFC recently celebrated their golden jubilee (50 years) in Malaysia with a week-long pop-up event called, "Kentucky Town."

As part of the Kentucky Town event, they released a special spicy version of the Double Down chicken sandwich--the Samyang Buldak Double Down. Samyang Buldak is a popular brand of Korean instant ramen that spawned quite a few YouTube videos of people taking the "Fire Noodle Challenge." 

The Samyang Buldak Double Down features two crispy-fried Zinger chicken filets marinated in Samyang sauce (an "extremely spicy" hot sauce made with artificial chicken flavor, corn syrup, soy sauce, onion, garlic, and chili extract) sandwiching a layer of Samyang-sauce-coated ramen noodles, mayo, and American cheese. With the ramen noodles, it's a bit of a reverse sandwich where the carbs are inside and are sandwiched by the protein.

KFC Kentucky Town event in Malaysia.

Other notable items at the event included:

  • Fried Chicken Skin
  • Ghost Pepper Drumettes (the spiciest item at the event)
  • Korean Cheesy Paper Wrap (spicy chicken bites smothered in four cheeses served on parchment paper)
  • Zinger Fire Ice Cream (an ice cream sundae topped with fudge sauce and a spicy Zinger seasoning)
  • KFC Waffle Sticks with Crunchy Chocolate Dip (made with Kit-Kat spread)

Photos via KFC Malaysia.

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