Aug 30, 2023

New Hot Ones Spicy Chicken Strips Arrive at Kroger Supermarkets

Bags of Hot Ones spicy chicken strips.
Hot Ones partners with John Soules Foods and FoodStory Brands to launch new Hot Ones spicy chicken strips at Kroger supermarkets nationwide.

The frozen, crispy, chicken breast strips come breaded with "proprietary seasonings that match the authentic Hot Ones sauces made famous on the show."

Hot Ones spicy chicken strips come in two flavors: Spicy Garlic (which matches The Classic Garlic Fresno sauce) and Smoky Habanero (which matches the Los Calientes Rojo sauce).

You can find the new chicken strips in the freezer aisle at Kroger stores nationwide. A 22.5-oz bag costs $10.99 (may vary).

Hot Ones is a streaming series on YouTube where celebrities are interviewed while eating spicy hot wings seasoned with increasingly spicy hot sauces.

Photo via FoodStory Brands.

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