Aug 29, 2023

Starbucks Japan Blends New Gaburi Watermelon Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan's Gaburi Watermelon Frappuccino.
Starbucks Japan serves up the new, limited-time Gaburi Watermelon Frappuccino to round out summer 2023. "Gaburi" means to "bite emphatically" i.e. "to chomp."

Starbucks Gaburi Watermelon Frappuccino has been available in Japan since early August 2023 and features a bottom layer of diced kiwi and kiwi pulp topped with a blend of watermelon juice, dragonfruit and passion fruit pulp, and ice. The drink is then finised with whipped cream and a salty-sweet watermelon-flavored powder.

The whole thing is meant to look, taste, and, to some extent, feel, like a watermelon.

The price tag on the summery Frappuccino comes out to 690 yen (~$4.79 US) for a Tall (12 oz).

Photo via Starbucks Japan.

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