Sep 7, 2023

Arby's Announces New Big Game Burger with Patty Made of Venison, Elk, and Beef

Arby's Big Game Burger.
Arby's announces the new, limited-time Big Game Burger, featuring a meaty patty of venison, elk, and ground beef, ahead of a national launch (but with limited quantities) starting Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Arby's considers the Big Game Burger an "evolution" of the venison sandwich they offered back in 2017. Beyond the patty, the Big Game Burger includes new dark cherry steak sauce, crispy-fried onions, pickles, and Swiss cheese on a toasted brioche bun.

The suggested price for Arby's Big Game Burger comes out to $8.79.

As a promotion for the new Big Game Burger, Arby's will be running their first-ever, one-day "hike-thru" at the "most remote Arby's in the world" at the end of The Big Game Burger Trail in the Colorado Rockies. Participants in the event will get to try a free Big Game Burger from the Arby's hike-thru window as well as be outfitted in Big Game Burger merch. 

If you happen to be in the area, you can try and score one of a limited number of permits by visiting the Broomfield Arby's restaurant (located at 8950 Metro Airport Ave, Broomfield, CO 80021) on Friday, September 8, 2023, from 2PM to 6PM MT, while supplies last. They'll be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can find more details regarding the promotion at

Update 9/12/2023 - According to the Arby's website, the new patty is a blend of 34% venison, 33% elk, and 33% ground beef. I've added the nutritional info below.

Photo via Arby's.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Big Game Burger (272g)
Calories - 720 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 35g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 1110mg
Carbs - 52g (Sugar - 15g)
Protein - 48g

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