Sep 1, 2023

Little Caesars Tests New BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza in Oklahoma City and Memphis

Little Caesars BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza.
Little Caesars tests the new BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza at participating locations in both the Oklahoma City, OK and Memphis, TN areas for a limited time.

Little Caesars BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza features a large round pizza topped with barbecue sauce, Mozzarella cheese, smoky ham, and two different types of bacon: smoked black pepper crumbled bacon and applewood-smoked bacon strips.

Additionally, the BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza looks to have a BBQ seasoning sprinkled on the crust that's seems reminiscent (if not the same) as the Smokehouse Pizza they served up for a limited time back in 2017.

The price tag on Little Caesars BBQ Bacon Blast Pizza comes out to $9.99.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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