Sep 1, 2023

Nissin Debuts New Geki Brand Chili-Infused Noodles

A bag of Geki Fiery Hot Chicken chili-infused noodles.
Nissin, makers of Cup Noodles and Top Ramen, debuts a new chili-infused noodle brand called, "Geki," which is an adverb that means "extremely" or "very" in Japanese.

According to Nissin, Geki is the first chili-infused noodle product available in the US and is meant to "deliver extreme levels of spice and flavor that consumers can see and taste." It launches with a Fiery Hot Chicken flavor. The noodles are infused with chili flakes to give them a red hue and a "fierce heat." Additional flavor is provide by a fiery hot chicken seasoning packet. Geki is likely the spiciest product that Nissin currently offers in the US.

From the description, the new line sounds like it's meant to challenge Samyang Buldak Ramyun noodles, which would make it a Japanese take on a Korean take on a Japanese take on Chinese noodles, and the product is meant for an American audience. That is to say, ramyun is the Korean version of ramen, which, in turn, derives from Chinese lamian.

 You can find Nissin Geki now at Sam's Club stores across the US for $1.39 per packet as well as online at Amazon and the Sam's Club website. They're planning to roll it out to grocery retailers nationwide in the near future.

Photo via Nissin.

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