May 21, 2011

International Weekend: Arnott's Original Tim Tams

Arnott's Tim Tams are very popular chocolate cookies in Australia, where cookies are called "biscuits." An Original Tim Tam consists of two chocolate malted cookies sandwiching a light chocolate cream filling and coated with a layer of milk chocolate.

I don't know how much they cost. I got a couple of packages from my Australian uncle when he was visiting the States for business. A 200g package contains 11 Tim Tams.

You can get them here in the States here and there but they may or may not be called Tim Tams. Cost Plus World Market has them for $3.99 but they're labeled as Arnott's Chocolate Covered Biscuits.
The malted cookies have very light and airy but crunchy texture. The cream filling is fairly light as well, not nearly as dense as the stuff you find in an Oreo. The milk chocolate is creamy but also pretty sweet.

The overall product is fairly chocolaty but also too sweet for my liking. It feels more like eating candy than a cookie but that might just be the chocolate coating talking since it reminds me a little of a Kit Kat.
In sum, I like the malted cookies and the filling but am not a big fan of the milk chocolate coating which I find to be too sweet. I think I'd like it better without any coating at all. I hear they have a dark chocolate version which sounds like more my preference.

Nutritional Info - Arnott's Tim Tam Cookies - per biscuit (18.3g)
Energy - 399 KJ
Fat - 4.9g (Saturated Fat - 2.7g)
Sodium - 29mg
Carbs - 11.8g (Sugar - 8.1g)
Protein - .9g