May 28, 2011

International Weekend: Crich - Cappuccino Wafers

Crich "Wafers al Cappuccino" or Cappuccino Wafers come from Italy and feature multiple layers of light wafers and cappuccino creme. I found these at a local supermarket for only 99 cents(!) for an 250g or 8.8-ounce bag.

While not containing the actually cream (which explains the lower price point) that other fancier brands use, Crich Cappuccino Wafers are still pretty good and the creme has a fairly creamy and light texture despite the lack of actual cream (there is some whole milk powder though). The creme has pleasantly sweet coffee flavor.
The wafer layers, like most, have a slightly soft, crispness.

Overall, it's pretty enjoyable and it you're not paying attention, it's quite easy to eat more than you intend.

Nutritional Info - Crich Cappuccino Wafers (per 100g)
Kcal - 501
Protein - 4.3g
Fat - 24.3g
Carbs - 66.3g

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