May 31, 2011

Review: McDonald's - Iced Chocolate

Besides Hot Chocolate, McDonald's also sells Iced Chocolate as a McCafe menu item. Iced Chocolate probably more commonly known as your run-of-the-mill chocolate milk.

It's $1.99 for 16-ounce small.

Like making chocolate milk at home, McDonald's Iced Chocolate is a cup of whole or nonfat milk with chocolate syrup and ice stirred in, topped with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle.
This one's fairly similar to what you make at home: A fairly chocolate-y somewhat syrupy rendition of chocolate milk. It's mixed quite well and the whole milk and whipped cream add a fair bit of creaminess.

It's good but again, you can easily make this at home with very little fuss.

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Nutritional Info - McDonald's Iced Chocolate - Medium (16 fl oz)
Calories - 380 (from Fat - 130)
Fat - 15g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 170mg
Carbs - 53g (Sugar - 45g)
Protein - 10g


  1. I went to mcdonalds, no one knew how to make it. I spent 15 minutes trying to explain it and they still screwed it up. It was o.k., but definitely not worth dealing with the rude staff. It took so long I was told by the staff they would just make me something because I holding up the drive thru so I ended up in the restraunt. They kept making me an iced mocha even after they were clearly told I did not want coffee in it. I can't write the words on here I wanted to say to the incompetent staff. Again, definitely not worth it.

  2. I just had the same experience a few minutes ago. It's so annoying when it's there on the menu about the options (hot or iced). They sounded like I was making stuff up. The manager even had to step out the resto to look at the posted menu.


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