May 4, 2011

Review: McDonald's - New Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Looks like McDonald's is rolling out their new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade for the summer if my local McDonald's is any indication. The drink features a lemonade ice slush with a strawberry flavored syrup swirled in.

Prices start at $1.69 for a 16-ounce small to $1.99 for a 20-ounce medium and $2.29 for a 24-ounce large.

The look of the drink with the syrup swirl in reminds me a bit of a sunset but also of a Big Stick popsicle. There's a fair amount of liquid in the cup with the ice slush floating atop.
Flavor-wise, I definitely got the aftertaste of concentrate; if you're looking for the flavor of freshly-squeezed, this is not it. The lemonade portion tasted like half-frozen Minute Maid lemonade.

The strawberry syrup was sweet but a bit weak in the strawberry flavor department. Overall, this was just "meh" for me; nine times out of ten, I'd go for the slightly pricier Strawberry Banana Smoothie instead. It's a nice look though.

For a limited-time (until June 15th), McDonald's has a $1 off coupon for any size Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, FrappĂ©, or Smoothie that's printable online here.

McDonald's Restaurant Locator

Nutritional Info - McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade - small - 515g (18.2 oz)
Calories - 270 (Calories from Fat - 0)
Fat - 0g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 30mg
Carbs - 68g (Sugar - 67g)
Protein - 0g


  1. too concentrated for sure 

  2. It's nice to see a picture of this in its natural habitat. You so rarely see them in the wild.

  3. I know right?! I had to stand perfectly still for 30 minutes to be able to capture this one in all its majesty.

  4. My daughter and I tried the other day, we would not get again, will stick to frappes, they are awesome! 

  5. yep, it is craptastic 

  6. Agree. Too much artificial flavoring

  7. Rum couldn't even help this thing out.

  8. I tried one free today with a coupon. I sure am glad I didn't pay for it.  It was horrible! The taste panel on this one sure didn't do us any favors. I bet there aren't many, if any, repeat customers!

  9. I tried one today and it was HORRIBLE. There's nothing fresh about this expcept the ice it's blended in. Lemonade concentrate that's neither natural or delicious, the strawberry is just artificial flavoring smothered in high fructose corn syrup. Save your money.

  10. This drink is terrible, way too sour to even swallow. I'll never get it again

  11. are those tears in your eyes? are you crying?


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