May 12, 2011

Review: In-N-Out - Cheeseburger McDonald's Style

Since you can have them make your burger any way you like at In-N-Out, I decided to try an In-N-Out take on an old classic, the McDonald's Cheeseburger. I call it the In-N-Out Cheeseburger McDonald's Style.

It's the same price as a regular Cheeseburger at $2.15.

To try a In-N-Out Cheeseburger McDonald's Style, I ordered a Cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and diced onions. The result was really good!
The bun was nice and squishy but toasted to a nice crunch on the inside. There's a bit more pickles than at McDonald's but these were crunchier with a bit of sweetness. The real kicker were the diced onions which provided lots of flavor and crunch. The patty had a nice charred crust and combined with the melted cheese for meaty cheesy goodness.
The only negative was there was a little too much ketchup and not enough mustard; a more even blend would have better complemented the other ingredients. Still, that's just a small nitpick for a great burger.

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  1. You're officially a genius, I wonder why I never thought of this, kind of simple but a cool idea. I have had a burger of theirs with ketchup and mustard minus the normal sauce, and you're right something was a little off there. Guess it must be a lack of mustard, too much ketchup makes a burger too sweet. Plus the regular burger with their sauce is great too. Again though, nice review!

  2. For a cheap thrill, the only thrill-type my income allows, enter or drive-up to any fast-food joint and ask for an item off a competitors menu.

    At the Wendy's order a Big Mac.

    Act confused if they proclaim an inability to sate your need.

    McDonalds workers tend to become the most rattled or angered  when you order a Whopper.

    And I always get a BIG pouty-lip when I ask for crinkle-cut fries and am answered with the answer I know will follow; "We don't have those type but our fries ARE good."

    My bottom lip protrudes and if there isn't a lengthy line of hungry herd waiting to order I comment in a disgustingly whiney voice that I wanted crinkle-cut fries SO bad.

    If really lucky, though it IS very rare, if there is no line to impede I have been known to ask if they can cut some crinkles for me if a knife is available.

    It is a great thrill when the order taker rushes off to ask the manager if crinkles can be cut into the fries and if they can or will do it.

    Best of all is when the manager, shift manager, team leader or whoever comes over to see who/what idiot is asking, though politely, for the fries to have crinkles cut into them.

    It can be tough to maintain a straight-face but for a cheap thrill.... that crinkle-cut trick is one of the best.

    However, it only works X amount of times but if caught using it twice or more at the same place just admit that you forgot that you had already been told they are unable to meet all customers wants and needs at that location but that heir burgers are GREAT and the employees there are the best!!!!!

    Praise can salve much anger.

    Oh...... custom burger.

    It does look good but I would omit the pickle due to personal preference.

    "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce... special orders don't upset us."

    Remember the "old days" when "special orders" were not always allowed?

    Bragging about special-order taking was an actual marketing ploy!!!!

    When returning to California for visits I can partake of In-n-Out urges but back here in nowhere-land ain't none to be found.

    I did, at one time, display an "In-n-Out Urge" decal upon my bumper... as half or more of the LA basin did.

  3. Haha, I'd feel bad if I did that though. 

  4.  Lol you have some courage, that does sound fun though. I'd be worried they'd retaliate against me with bad sanitation or worse. I'm nervous with restaurants and fast food as it is. Fortunately, I'm addicted to good food, so I put it out of my mind as much as possible.


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