May 3, 2011

Review: KFC - Extra Crispy Fried Chicken

In addition to the Colonel's Original Recipe, KFC also offers Extra Crispy Fried Chicken which offers a flavor that more like other fried chicken chains and is tinged with garlic and double dipped before frying to offer a crispy, crunchy texture.

KFC is currently running a promotion where you can get 6 legs and/or thighs for $5 and a Sunday Bucket promotion where you can get 10 mixed pieces for $10.

If you're at KFC and can't get enough fried chicken breading, Extra Crispy would have to be your choice; there's a fair bit more breading and crunch than Original Recipe.

The flavor is good but it's just not the herby Original Recipe I know and love. Still, fried chicken is largely a texture food and KFC's Extra Crispy provides plenty of.

KFC Restaurant Locator

Nutritional Info - KFC Extra Crispy Drumstick (59g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 360mg
Carbs - 5g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 12g


  1. 6 for 5 seems like a better deal, no?

  2. The Sunday Bucket comes with both white and dark pieces, while the 6 for 5 is dark meat only.


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