May 15, 2011

Local Review: Trendspotting? Fluff Ice

Shaved iced is quite popular in a number of Asian countries (with regional variants) as well as in some Asian enclaves here in the States. To date, it hasn't yet hit mainstream popularity i.e. it hasn't been "Pinkberried." Fluff Ice seems to be aimed at possibly changing that with their own take on shaved ice.

The shaved ice dessert that I'm most familiar with I know as "Taiwanese slush" and generally consists of your choice of toppings (or bases) ranging from things like tapioca balls to jackfruit to sweetened red beans and whatnot which is then topped with shaved ice (with varying fineness depending on the establishment) and condensed milk.
Fluff Ice goes with a more recent innovation with your choice of flavored milk ices which results in a creamier consistency and different texture. They currently have shaved milk ice in four flavors: Original (milk), Strawberry, Mango, and Green Tea.

For toppings, they're more similar to the recent frozen yogurt tend then your more traditional Asian spot but with less variety and fewer choices: strawberries, mangos, red beans, and mochi.

My first impression is that their logo looks like it was drawn by a 4-year-old with a stylized cloud and a kiddie font. Ostensibly their sizes are available in regular (for $5.50) and large (for $6.75) but it's more like big and bigger. The regular is more than enough for two people. The Sister and I shared a regular Original flavor which came with mangoes and strawberries.
The texture is probably the most interesting aspect of Fluff Ice. I wouldn't describe it as fluffy though. Visually, I would say it most resembles crayon shavings but without the waxy sheen although reviewing the pictures, it reminds me a bit of coconut flakes. As I stated before, it has a creamier mouth feel than plain ice and is pretty light.

Other than that it tastes like milky sweet shaved ice which I enjoyed paired with condensed milk (which you can squeeze as much on as you like) and sweet fruit. Fluff ice's most distinguishing feature is the texture and flavor of the ice but other than that it's quite similar to the recent frozen yogurt craze but without any purported health benefits.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how this works out for them.

Fluff Ice
500 N Atlantic Blvd Suite 153
Monterey Park CA 91754


  1.  ermmm you shared a cup of fluff iced with your sister?  did you guys like go back and forth with different spoons?

  2. you should try out class 302 in rowland heights. its like shaved ice but with a milky flavor.. soo much better than traditional chinese shaved ice

  3. Lol why would that be the first option? There are other ways of sharing food. When you eat pizza, do you just pass the whole thing back and forth? Maybe this isn't as easy to divide, but still...

  4. comparing this to pizza? did you even bother thinking about how incomparable the two are? 

  5. Absolutely, in my last sentence I touched on that. It was just one example of food to make a point.

    How about ice cream, is that close enough for you? You could scoop some out of the bowl. Or, even using the same bowl, you could just eat half and leave the rest for someone else. You made it sound like sharing something like this is always romantically creepy or something.


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