May 16, 2011

News: Pizza Hut - Any Carryout Pizza for $10

Through June 4th, Pizza Hut is offering any carryout pizza (any size, any crust, any toppings) for $10.

The only limitations are no double toppings and an additional charge for stuffed crust.

Not a bad deal at all if you're willing to pick up a pizza instead of having it delivered.


  1. Any toppingS

    *no double toppings

    gotta love it

  2. Had to figure that stuffed crust was not part of this deal. Stuffed crust is to Pizza Hut what the Chalupa is to Taco Bell. It's not likely to be discounted often, if at all. I don't blame the companies though, those items are great, I'll pay the premium.

    Enough of my rant though. You're right, that's a great deal. I usually pick up pizza, between the delivery charge and the tip you save a good amount anyway.

  3. I find it funny that they use "any pizza".  Besides what you mention, the Cheese Lovers pizza allows the selection of 2 toppings. If you want 3, it's extra. If you want to add a topping to the Ultimate Alfredo Cheese Lovers Pizza (Alfredo sauce, cheese +parmesan), it's extra. If you select "build you own" and pick 2 toppings and extra cheese,'s extra.


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