May 25, 2011

News: Domino's - New Early Week Pick-Me-Up Deal

Domino's latest promotion is the Early Week Pick-Me-Up Deal. Good for the next month or so, Domino's Pizza is offering a large, 3-topping pizza for $7.99 but only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and only for carryout.

Deep dish and specialty pizzas are not included in the promotion.


  1. This is a great deal but I'd still go for the offer of Groupon which is $8 for a large Domino pizza w/ 10 toppings. Comparing it to this one, it's like having seven more toppings for just an additional 1 cent! But I've heard that the $8 promo is just until the weekends.

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  2. Not bad, but I prefer the one topping for 5.99 deal. Easy for me to say though since I usually just want pepperoni.

  3. Haha! Yes, linguica is great, although I still love pepperoni. I've spent the majority of my life in the SF Bay Area, and much of the rest in the Central Valley, near Fresno.

    Anyways, my best friend is Portuguese. They have some good food. This hit home. Cheers.

  4. Where available try the crumbled linguicia for your pizza topping.

    Often unknown and unavailable in large areas of the USA.

    More likely to be found regionally where Portugese immigrants settled and remained.

    The San Francisco Bay area and portions of the central valley (San Joaquin, unsure about the Sacramento Valley portion of the central valley).

    Where encountered I highly advise giving linguicia a try as a topping.

    I encountered sliced linguicia (akin to pepperoni but with a different taste) once but the crumbled linguicia was the one for me and the most common type available, I believe.

    Sigh. Sniff. Sobb. Wipes tears rolling down chubby cheeks.

    Simpering, whining, near-grief-stricken I sadly relate that nary a scent of linguicia available here atop the cultural backwater, the pit of the nation's arm, the Hillbilly Haven of the Ozark Plateau.

    I am surprised the locals do not offer 'possum as a topping for pizza but it may be reserve for Ma when feeding the 14 kids underfoot.

  5. I agree! I'd still go for the 5.99 one topping pizza because I also love pepperoni and I'd say this is still a better deal than that one.

    By the way, I also would like to share to you some Dominos Coupons for more exciting deals and offers from Domino pizza.

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