Aug 3, 2011

News: 88 cent Whoppers on 8/8 from 8 to 8 in the Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles area Burger King restaurants are offering a great deal to get your Whopper on for 88 cents a pop on Monday, 8/8/2011 from 8am to 8pm.

There might be buying limits and the deal is only valid at participating locations so you might want to check ahead.

An 88 cent Whopper is pretty cheap with the regular price around the mid-$3 mark these days.

Update: Looks like my local Burger King is throwing in a small fries and drink for an additional $2 for a total of $2.88 if you opt for the combo during the same promotional period.


  1. Just picked up 6 by the USC campus for a whopping total of $5.72.  Not that great of a deal considering the 45 min ordering and food making process.

  2. This burger is always undercooked. Make sure you order it well done.

  3. thank god.  whoppers are the only thing worth eating in the LA area

  4. Aw why only LA? I think my local BK sells them for $3.20. Given that the Jumbo Jack is $1.80 and about the same in my opinion, I rarely buy a whopper. But 88 cents is an awesome deal.

  5. 88 cents at monrovia


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