Aug 3, 2011

Fast Food Reference: McDonald's U.S. Regional/Seasonal Menu Items

McDonald's McLobster lobster roll.
I've often highlighted some of the stuff McDonald's serves abroad that we can't get here in the States but there's also a bunch of stuff here in the U.S. that are available at only select McDonald's and some are only available seasonally.

It's not an exhaustive list (let me know if there's something I should add) but it's pretty interesting. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts especially if you've tried some of these or know where they can be had.

Select Locations/Regions
Double Filet-O-Fish - Easy to get at any McDonald's but only on the menu at some.

Double Hamburger - Ditto!

Triple Cheeseburger - Yeah!
Hot 'N Spicy McChicken - A spicier version of the McChicken.

McRib - A cult favorite, it comes and goes but is available permanently at some locations.

Salsa Roja Snack Wrap (Crispy or Grilled) - It comes with a spicy red sauce.

Broccoli Cheese Soup - There's soup at McDonald's?!

Chicken Noodle Soup - See above.

Vegetable Beef Soup - Again, see above.

Apple Pie Ala Mode - I think you can make this on your own by putting your soft serve cone/cup onto your Baked Apple Pie.

Arctic Orange Shake - Like a Creamsicle!

Baked Chocolate Pie - I had something like this in Hong Kong.

Baked Holiday Pie - For the Christmas season.

Baked Peach Pie - It's only available seasonally.

Baked Pumpkin Pie - It comes around at some locations in the fall.

Baked Strawberry Pie - I don't know when this is available but I had one recently.

Brownie Melts - Hmm... I think this one might eventually go national.

Caramel Shake - This one should be pretty easy to pull off at your local McDonald's regardless of it being on the menu.

Chocolate Banana Shake - A chocolate shake with a banana thrown in?

Egg Nog Shake - For the Christmas season.

Fried Apple Pie - Oh how I miss thee! It's still available at a few locations apparently.

Mango Raspberry Shake - It sounds more like a smoothie.

Pineapple Empanada - It sounds tropical. I think it might just be a Pineapple Pie though i.e. same crust as McDonald's other pies but with a pineapple filling.

Pumpkin Pie Shake - It sometimes comes in the fall.

Shamrock Shake - A mint shake for St. Patty's Day.

Hawaii seems to get a lot of regional ethnic dishes reflecting its unique island culture and extreme love of Spam.

Saimin - It's a Hawaiian noodle soup. McDonald's local version includes fish cake, wheat egg noodles, dried seaweed (nori), char siu pork, and sliced scrambled eggs in a flavored broth for about 3 bucks.

Taro Pie - They still have fried pies! Filled with taro (a slightly purple root vegetable)! They also have these in Asia sometimes.
Local Breakfast Platters - Rice, scrambled eggs, and either Spam, Portuguese sausage, or both!

Teri Burger - A seasonal burger that is basically a teriyaki Big & Tasty.

McLobster or Maine Style Lobster Roll - Made with 100% Atlantic Lobster Meat and also available in Canadian Maritimes.

Delmarva Peninsula (which refers to the oceanside parts of Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland... you learn something new right?)
Crab Cake Sandwich - A seasonal summer offering featuring a locally-produced crab cake on a bun.

Parts of the southern US
Biscuit and Gravy - A halved McDonald's biscuit smothered in country gravy with bits of sausage; a Southern staple (I think...).

Photos via McDonald's.


  1. You forgot to include the baked peach pie on this list (you reviewed it last summer)... I disappointed that this one was not available anywhere near me; I really wanted to try it.

    Oh, well... at least we get the pumpkin pies (albeit for a very brief period of time) in the fall.

  2. i once had the lobster roll probably about a dozen years ago, it was surprisingly very good and very large.  but i notice celery in that photo... ewww

  3. You can get a Biscuit and Gravy here in Indiana for sure. $1.50

  4. mclobster!! i'm guessing that won't come out to CA...

  5. Yeah, I don't think they're ever expanding it beyond Maine.

  6. I want a biscuit and gravy!

  7. In the Philippines, they have the McChicken which is pretty much drumsticks or breast with a side of rice and gravy. Actually really decent when I tried it there. Oh and they still fry their Apple Pie's there!

  8. I don't think they had the peach pie this year, but I've added it to the list anyway.

  9. The breakfast steak burrito came and went away quickly here in central California. Now the big push is the egg white McMuffin Delite. It's very good but pricey.


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