Aug 8, 2011

Review: Burger King - New BK Burger Minis

BK Burger Minis are Burger King's slightly different return to mini "slider" burgers. They come simple with a mini flame-broiled patty, a slice of crinkle cut pickle, and a splash of ketchup on a mini burger bun.

I picked up a pack of 4 BK Minis for $2.99 at my local Burger King.

Mine's must have come straight off the broiler because they actually steamed in their own heat on the short drive back and were a little moist to the touch. Not exactly pleasant but at least they were hot.
The BK Minis actually come attached in pairs; the mini-burger patties are actually cooked as one dual-patty. The buns are also attached in pairs. It does explain why the box instructs you to tear the burgers apart.
The taste is going to be pretty familiar to anyone who's had the very basic standard fast food burger. There's no mustard but I didn't really miss it. Ketchup, pickle, burger patty. and bun is a simple formula indeed.
The pickles actually provided a fair bit of flavor; a plus if you actually like pickles but a minus for The Sister who always picks them out. For the most part, the pickles were thick and crinkle cut with a nice crunch.

My favorite part was actually the bun which was like a nice, spongy, squishy dinner roll. And, there's a decent meat to bun ratio. Overall, the taste is pretty standard and basic.
I wonder that these aren't more marketed to kids as I think they'd enjoy tearing them. For adults, it's just a novelty with better value available in more normal-sized burgers. Still, novelty isn't so bad and it you like to spread your meal out, BK Burger Minis make it easy to have one or two now and one or two later.

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Nutritional Info - BK Burger Minis - 4 pack
Calories - 420 (from Fat - 180)
Fat - 20g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 720mg
Carbs - 36g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 26g


  1. These are marketed to kids. There's a burger mini kids meal.

  2. You forgot to mention that the meat is kinda rubbery

  3. "...meat is kinda rubbery"

    Preferable to blubbery, I suppose.

  4. I would rather have a jr whopper, these seem pricy for what they are.

  5. I think I would rather have three 99 cent McDonalds double cheeseburgers.

  6. i would rather have neither

  7. no value here. just novelty


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