Aug 29, 2011

Features: Revisiting Wendy's Breakfast Test

Back in '08, I wrote about trying Wendy's breakfast test and some of the items they were offering at the time. Now it's 2011 and, somehow, they're still working out the kinks.

One of my local Wendy's restaurants is still serving breakfast, but it looks a little bit different from their most recent and fancier looking test. It looks my local joint is serving up items from an older test perhaps maybe because they still have the equipment for it.

The items I tried were:

- The Cinnamon Swirl
- The Classic Breakfast Sandwich
- The Sausage & Egg Burrito
- The Maple Baked Frescuit Bacon & Egg Sandwich

If you want to check out the items I tried back in 2008 you'll find them below:

- Chicken Biscuit
- Coffee Cake
- Hash Browns
- Custom Bean Coffee
- Egg and Cheese Biscuit
- Sausage Gravy & Biscuit
- Sausage Biscuit


  1. About 25 years ago my Wendy's in Philadelphia offered breakfast and it was really good. I was upset when they discontinued it. It was so long ago. Back when they also offered good things like chili and cheese, broccoli and cheese or chicken ala king potatoes. It's nice to see new things. Wish they would bring back some of the old. Oh and McD's if you're listening....deep fried apple or cherry pies!

  2. I still get a chili and cheese baked potato at Wendy's.  I just order a sour cream and chives baked potato and a small chili with cheese then I  dump the chili and cheese on the potato.  The sour cream packet gets put in the refrigerator.

    Even back when they offered the "official" chili and cheese baked potato I believe it was cheaper to order the potato and chili separate and make your own.

  3. wendy's now has chili cheese fries.   booom

  4. I still do the same, order chil and baked potato. I do miss the chicken ala king potatoes though. I'm sure they were terrible, but I was young and didn't know better.

  5. Wendy’s SuperbarPeering into the past.Late 1980s? Early 1990s?Walnut Creek, CA.Friend hauled me off to Wendys.Said to follow his lead.To shorten this.Ask for to-go container.Eat from the many food bar offerings akin to a buffet.Ask for BIG cup of water; empty into inside planter when done eating; fill with pudding or whatever desired when ready to go.Done eating? Use several-inch-deep plastic lid as the plate and the thinner plate part as the lid.Go to buffet bar (all-you-can-eat deal) and fill the lid to the top; enough for for dinner for the next 3 to 5 meals, depending upon amount you eat for dinner.All the while, Mama-san stared/glared at us with nary a wor spoken but I sensed a combination of hatred/despisement and fear.Friend just ignored her as did I.An immense amount of food consumed then taken out the door.Friend was a rather frugal fellow always seeking ways to minimize expenditures while maximizing amount of return from spending.I never returned; against my morality. Not surprised Wndys dropped their Superbar. I believe its elimination was chain-wide.Franchisees must have despised the franchisor.Had to be a money loser; especially with folks akin to my friend wandering in and eating/taking immense quantities of calories.


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