Aug 10, 2011

Review: Burger King - New BK Chicken Minis

The chicken version of Burger King's BK Burger Minis, BK Chicken Minis are very basic mini chicken burgers with mini, breaded, white meat chicken patties, a bit of mayo, and a slice of dill pickle on a mini-burger bun.

I picked up four Minis at my local Burger King for $2.99.

I liked these a little better (it's a pun! get it?! No? *sigh*) than BK Burger Minis for a very simple reason: I consider them the spiritual successor to KFC's Chicken Littles except they taste better than the last Chicken Littles I had.
Like the BK Burger Minis' burger patties, the chicken patties are connected and fried in pairs and have to be torn apart to separate. The breading is the same as is found on Burger King's Original Chicken Sandwich.
There was a good balance between the dinner-roll-like, squishy soft bun and chicken and mayo usage was moderate. The pickle actual adds a fair bit of flavor and with the size of the Mini being what it is, you get pickle in almost every bite.
While it's a tough sell to choose these over the much cheaper 99 cent Chick 'N Crisp, I'm sorely tempted since they remind me much of the Chicken Littles of my youth. I would definitely get these over BK's Original Chicken Sandwich though.

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Nutritional Info - BK Chicken Minis - 4 pack
Calories - 810 (from Fat - 530)
Fat - 58g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 1480mg
Carbs - 53g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 21g


  1. Just double checked with their website. Yep, it's correct.

  2. All the mini lovers will say you can't easily cut a KFC snacker in half (even though you obviously can).

    So in my opinion, by default you're absolutely right.

    Don't forget though, you save about a whole quarter per mini sandwich if you were to buy an order of these, compared with 4 snackers. Awesome. ;)

  3. That nutritional info scared the bejesus out of me. Are you sure it's correct?

  4. They look so flavorless and processed and mayonnaise-soaked :(

    $1 Snackers from KFC are preferable on just about every level...


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