Aug 7, 2011

What's on the Menu: Subway India

India with its large population and varied dietary preferences usually sports more localized fast food menu items than most other countries.

Subway India is no exception and, in additional to the typical Subway bread and veggies, has quite a few localized meat and vegetarian options to go with said bread and veggies. Options like the Chicken Tikka sub which features grilled boneless chicken breast pieces marinated in tikka seasonings.

They also have Chicken Seekh Chicken which is coarsely ground chicken laced with a hint of mint leaves and green chilies.
Looking pretty good is the Chicken Tandoori which is marinated and cooked inside a clay oven.
And then there's the Chicken Achari which from what I've been able to piece together is a spicy chicken dish made with traditional ingredients for pickles. The dish itself is not pickled however, it just uses pickle ingredients.
On the vegetarian side, besides the standard Veggie Delite (basically plain old veggies and bread found at Subway restaurants everywhere), there's Veggie Patties which are lightly browned vegetarian patties made with carrots, bell peppers, beans and other assorted ingredients.
The Veggie Shammi is a kebab specialty made from lentils and enriched with garlic and onion. They look a bit like mushrooms, no?
There's also Paneer Tikka for the cheese-loving set which features cottage cheese slices marinated with tikka seasonings and roasted to a light crispness.

Finally, there's Aloo Patties which are potato patties seasoned with special herbs and spices.
Out of all of them, I'd have to say the Tandoori Chicken looks and sounds the tastiest but what would you go for?


  1. At the risk of possibly being lynched I might consider asking for the "Sacred Cow Delight" if such could be hand-crafted.

  2. The achari has pickle but not in the US sense - in the UK/commonwealth countries like India, a pickle is like a relish. What you'd call a pickle we'd call a gherkin.

  3. Ah. I got ya. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Some of these look absolutely divine!


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