Aug 3, 2011

News: Popchips - New Jalapeno Flavor

The un-fried, un-baked potato chip, Popchips, is now available in a new Jalapeno flavor.

The new chips contain the flavor of spicy green jalapeno peppers to deliver a taste that is purported to be spicy, but not too spicy.

Popchips are popped using heat and pressure which I imagine to be like the process of cooking kettle chips but with less oil.

However, they do cost a bit more than a comparable amount of regular chips for the trouble.

The new chips will be available on store shelves starting this month in a 3-ounce "share" bags or 1-ounce single-serve packs.

The share bags retail for about $3.49 in stores but can be bought in bulk directly from Popchips in a 12-pack for $22.00 ($2 a bag).

The other available flavors of Popchips are: Original, Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Salt & Pepper and Parmesan Garlic.

Nutritional Info - Popchips Jalapeno Potato Chips - 1 oz - about 20 chips (28g)
Calories - 120 (from Fat - 35)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 0.5g)
Sodium - 290mg
Carbs - 20g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 2g

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