Aug 7, 2011

News: Pizza Hut - Free P'Zone with Online Pizza Purchase

Looks like Pizza Hut is trying to drum up Facebook "Likes" and Email subscribers because for this week only, they are offering a free P'Zone (their version of a calzone) with any online pizza purchase to customers who either sign up for their email list (or are already signed up) or "Like" them on Facebook.

The promotion is good through Sunday August 21, 2011 and you can only use it once.


  1. Good idea, I was thinking I'd probably just get a medium, but that doesn't sound bad too.

  2. Yea all you have to do is give them your information online. Oh, and then you have to buy something else on their menu. They left out the part where you have to donate money to charity. I'm pretty sure you have to adopt a kid too.

    Seriously, P'Zones are delicious. I'll probably end up jumping through the hoops for a free one. It does seem a bit much though.

  3. Easiest, cheapest thing to do is to get a personal pan as your pizza choice.


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