Nov 6, 2015

Domino's New Delivery Car Includes an Oven

Domino's has launched a custom-built pizza delivery vehicle called the Domino's DXP (for Delivery Expert) that includes a warming oven to keep your pizza hot during delivery.

The oven is accessible from the outside of the vehicle for easy access during delivery and can be opened with a touch of the driver's key fob. It heats up to 140 degrees.

Besides being covered in Domino's logos and colors, all but the driver's seat has been removed to create extra room for holding pizzas and storage areas for other menu items. The car can hold up to 80 pizza, which is ideal for large orders.

The concept was originally conceived in an online crowdsourced design competition called the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge. The production vehicle ended up being an economical Chevrolet Spark customized by Roush Enterprises, an engineering company.

Before, you imagine a fleet of these across the nation, the company only plans to roll-out 100 DXPs to 25 markets across the U.S., including Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego, and Seattle. Most Domino's deliveries will still be made by the personal cars of their drivers.

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