Nov 20, 2015

Einstein Bros. Debuts New Red Velvet Bagel for Holidays

Einstein Bros. introduces a new Red Velvet Bagel for this holiday season as well as new Nutcracker Bagel Topper.

The Nutcracker Bagel Topper is a French toast bagel topped with maple shmear, bacon, and walnuts.

Additionally, the bagel chain is offering a baker's dozen holiday-themed box that they're calling the "Box of Jolly." It includes three Red Velvet Bagels, three Gingerbread Bagels, three French Toast Bagels, two Plain Bagels, and two Cinnamon Raisin bagels, plus two tubs of schmear.

The price on the new Nutcracker Bagel Topper is $3.70 (may vary), while the Red Velvet Bagel with icing shmear goes for around $2.75. Both are available for a limited time through the holiday season.

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