Nov 2, 2015

Little Caesars Deep Dish Pizza Now $6 Through November 15, 2015

Little Caesars is discounting their Deep! Deep! Dish pizza to $6 for a limited time through November 15, 2015. They're calling it the "Deep! Deep! Dishcount."

The pizza normally goes for $8 and draws from the pizza chain's Detroit roots. The Deep! Deep! Dish is a Detroit-style pizza. The style is similar to Sicilian pizza in that it's very thick and rectangular but gets a crispy, crunchier edge from baking in a custom metal pan (styled after the industrial parts trays originally used to make the pizza) coating with olive oil. It's not as well known as New York or Chicago styles, but it looks like Little Caesars is aiming to change that. The chain first introduced the pizza to its menu in 2013.

$6 brings the price very close to their trademark "Hot-N-Ready" hand-tossed pizzas, which go for $5 and are made throughout the day with a few waiting in a warming oven for quick and easy pick up. A large pepperoni Deep! Deep! Dish pizza is also available "Hot-N-Ready" from 4 to 8 PM daily.

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