Nov 29, 2015

McDonald's 48-Count Chicken McNugget Bucket Coming to Japan

Japan will have the dubious distinction of offering the largest single order of Chicken McNuggets when McDonald's starts offering the limited-edition 48-piece Chicken McNugget bucket on December 1, 2015.

The bucket is local offering exclusive to Japan's Niigata prefecture as a cross promotion with local J-pop idol group NGT48 (so-named because they're from Niigata prefecture but currently only have 25 members; they're so named because they're the sister group of AKB48, which originally had 48 members), some of whom are pictured on the bucket. The price on the bucket is 1800 yen (~$14.66 US).

If you happen to be huge fans of NGT48, you might feel the need to buy more than a few buckets as they come in one of two designs along with one of 25 limited cards featuring the pop idol group.

Here in the U.S., the largest McNugget order is the 40-piece, which is available only in some areas. It comes as two 20-piece boxes though (or, when it was available in my area, in four 10-piece boxes).

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