Mar 25, 2016

7-Eleven Adds Two New Hot Sandwiches Including the Double Bacon Cheddar Melt

7-Eleven continues to add to their toasted hot sandwiches with the new Double Bacon Cheddar Melt and the new Hot Chicken Sandwich.

The new Hot Chicken Sandwich takes a page from the Chick-fil-A Southern-style with a simple combination of a breaded white meat chicken patty, pickles, and a honey mustard barbecue sauce on a buttery split-top bun.

The new Double Bacon Cheddar Melt features thick-cut, hickory-smoked bacon and aged cheddar on fresh-toasted sourdough bread.

The Hot Chicken Sandwich goes for $1.99 (may vary), while the Double Bacon Cheddar Melt carries a price tag of $2.99 (may vary).

The two are the latest in a steady stream of new hot menu items the convenience chain has been pushing out since they added turbo convection ovens in stores.

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