Mar 29, 2016

McDonald's 2016 Monopoly Game Season Begins with a 1 in 4 Chance of Winning

McDonald's popular Money Monopoly Game makes it annual return starting today, bringing with it the usual spate of free fries, drinks, etc., and, to the lucky few, money.

The instant-win food prizes for this year's games include: Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Small McCafé Frappe or Smoothie, McGriddles, Medium Fries, and Regular McFlurry.

Money prizes range from $25 to $1 million.

The odds of winning any prize (mostly food) is approximately 1 in 4 game pieces. McDonald's has given out an average of 14 million free food items in each of the last four iterations of the game.

One game piece can be found on the following menu items (while supplies last): Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, Medium Soft Drink, Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin Sandwiches (excluding the Sausage McMuffin), and Biscuit Sandwiches (excluding the Sausage Biscuit).

Two game pieces are included with 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and Large Fries.

The game runs through April 25, 2016.

You can find the full rules of the game at

Image via McDonald's.

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