Mar 18, 2016

McDonald's Testing Happy Meal Box that Folds into VR Glasses for Your Phone

McDonald's is in the midst of testing a Happy Meal box that folds into a pair of virtual reality (VR) glasses for your smartphone over in Sweden.

The specialized Happy Meal box looks to be made of cardboard and works similar to a Google Cardboard viewer, except it won't cost you $15 or more. You simply have to take apart the box and fold it together into a viewer. After that you just slide your smartphone in and you have your own "Happy Goggles." You can see the concept in action below:

While it's being tested over in Sweden, the website for the Happy Goggles indicates that the potential is there for it to expand to other countries. The website also includes a link for a downloadable educational ski game endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team that works with the viewer.

Image via McDonald's Sweden.

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