Mar 24, 2016

Pepsi Now Offers New 1893 Cola

Looking to appeal to those looking for a more premium, craft soda experience, Pepsi rolls out new 1893 Original Cola and 1893 Ginger Cola to retail locations nationwide.

Officially billed as "1893, from the makers of Pepsi-Cola," the new (old?) cola harks back to the year Pepsi was created (1893, when it was introduced as "Brad's Drink") and features kola nuts (like the original Pepsi formula), certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water.

While the formula sounds suspiciously similar to their Caleb's Kola line, the complete ingredients list does read just a little differently (and doesn't contain the same citrus notes).

The new soda comes in 12-oz cans that are narrower and sleeker than the standard.

A video introducing the 1893 cola line definitely looks to give a more upscale and retro feel:

Photo via Pepsi.

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