Mar 21, 2016

Review: 7-Eleven - Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut

7-Eleven's new Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut features a cake donut flavored like the chain's Wild Cherry Slurpee.

I bought one for 99 cents.

Similar to cherry candy or cherry soda (or a Cherry Slurpee), there's a definite cherry-flavored quality to the red icing that I've never really associated with actual cherries. The same flavor carried on in the donut itself although with a mellower note punctuated with little globs of cherry-flavored red syrup.

The donut was a little dry but had a just slightly crisped, fried shell to it.

For crunch, the icing came topped with red-colored sugar crystals that I didn't detect any cherry flavor from. The crunch was reminiscent of chewing on ice, which seems to be the effect they were going for.

Overall, 7-Eleven's Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut pins down that Cherry Slurpee flavor really well, so mission accomplished on that front. But between the flavor and the sugar crystals, there's very much a candy-donut feel here that I'd rather eat take in separately. I wouldn't get it again but it was decently enjoyable.

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