Mar 26, 2016

KFC Selling New Fried Chicken Topped with Mayo and Fish Flakes in Hong Kong

The latest special for KFC Hong Kong is fried chicken topped with mayo, bonito (a type of fish) flakes, and okonomiyaki sauce.

They're calling it "Okonomiyaki Crispy Chicken" as it draws its inspiration from okonomiyaki--a Japanese savory pancake.

The mayo, bonito flakes, and sauce are regular toppings for okonomiyaki. The fried chicken itself appears to be the brand's regular fried bone-in chicken rather than any special breading or a boneless filet. While they're called flakes, bonito flakes are more like paper-thin shavings. Okonomiyaki sauce is similar to a thickened sweet and tangy soy sauce.

Image via KFC Hong Kong.

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