Mar 24, 2016

Review: Little Caesars - Stuffed Crust Deep Deep Dish Pizza

Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Deep Deep Dish Pizza features an 8-sided deep dish pizza stuffed along the edges with cheese and topped with pepperoni plus a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheeses.

I picked one up for $10.

Compared to the regular Deep Deep Dish Pizza, the stuffed crust version has a notably raised crust around the edges due to the cheese inside; it gives it more of a pie-like appearance. It's a mostly visual effect though as my pizza still sported the same thin, greasy, crispy surface on the sides and bottom as the regular version. It was good for a nice crunch in every bite.

Even with the raised edges, there's plenty of thick, soft, chewy crumb layered in between the cheese and crispy crust. The crust was very thin over strips of cheese embedded in the pizza but remained cohesive and surprisingly crispy rather than soft and bready.

Perhaps because the raised crust at the edges, there seemed to be even more cheese than usual. More importantly, the cheese was gooey and stretched--a rarity among the four major pizza chains these days. The Muenster added depth to the mild mozzarella.

The stuffed cheese, while thoroughly melted, didn't stretch so much and, in contrast to the cheese on top, wasn't so flavorful. It was, however, fairly salty and very much like Pizza Hut's stuffed crust cheese.

Interestingly, the pepperoni and sauce were reduced to mere accents on the pizza but I didn't mind it as the cheese and crust were really the whole show.

Overall, Little Caesars' Stuffed Crust Deep Deep Dish Pizza was really enjoyable with a bevy of melted oozing cheese to go around. Everything turned out quite well although I might like it better with the same cheese inside that's on top, but there's still a nice contrast in both taste and texture between the two.

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